Golf Club Cleaning Technology
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• Clubmasters Golf Purposes

• Conceived in 2008, ClubMaster fills a much needed void in the golfing industry. The need for efficient, cost-effective golf club cleaning.

• Clean clubs make all the difference. They affect ball spin and trajectory, instilling confidence in the player’s performance.

• Clubmaster provides an efficient service in under 2 minutes without the use of manpower, harmful detergents and abrasive materials.

Available at a golf course near you.

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• Advertise Your Business

• Do you want to attract more quality customers for your business

• Do you want Thousands of Golfers to view your products and services

• ClubMasters helps your business to benefit from this highly desirable market

• Reach your future customers whilst they are on the Golf Course

• Speak to us and find out how we can give your business a boost

• Investment Opportunities

• Clubmasters is a internationally patented machine which has tremendous opportunity worldwide.

 This golf club cleaning machine has the potential to produce mutliple sources of income.

1. Its high quality, 32 inch monitor display adverts in a looping formation. This can be used as a powerful advertising tool as it appears to an high end market.

2.  Its amazing cleaning methods are 100% safe, simple and highly effective as no brushes or detergents are used to clean the golf clubs. Golf courses will be interested in purchasing this machine as it offers great value to its customers.

 Contact George on +2782 072 0028 or email on

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Here are a list of questions and answers concerning the Club Masters Machine and Advertising Opportunities.

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If you want to know more about Club Masters, simply fill in our online form or contact us direcly on +2782 072 0028.

• About Us

Discover how we invented the Club Masters machine and why it is the best means of cleaning your golf clubs.

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Contact George on +2782 072 0028.
Prices and Profits
Golf Cleaning Machine

Estimated Yearly Profits- $50 000
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